An Iron skillet is a worth while investment. Mother and I, have three Iron Skillets. Her and dad purchased them just after they got married in 1944. They are, a # 6, # 8, and # 10. They are in as good shape today, as they were when they were purchased.

My Grandmother when living, ran a Room and Boarding House. She had those size skillets,plus a # 12. She would use the # 12 to fry Bacon or Sausage, and Eggs, at breakfast for the Boarders.

Almost, all Breakfast food can be cooked in an iron skillet. Because of the way they are made, the heat is even, from bottom to sides. Besides Breakfast foods, other food items can be cooked such as:

Care of Iron Skillets

Here is the link to the Lodge Manufactering Website, on the proper Seasoning and Care of an Iron Skillet.

Pork Chops, Steak, Chicken Fried steak, Chicken,

Fish, Squash, Fried Green Totamotes - Just to name a few.