Switch To

New Operating System

Things To Do

1.     Go to Disk Utilities. (since you just moved to Yosemite it would be better to restart in recovery mode -R. And go to Disk Utilities).

2.    Repair disk  then, repair permissions.On repair permissions if you get a ton of Printer files repaired and then run repair again and get those again they can safely be ignored. There is always something about Repair permissions that give false positives.On Repair Disk repeat until all defects are fixed and you get a notice in green letters about drive okay or repaired okay.

3.     Restart computer Normally.

4.     Now Open Font Book.

5.     Select All fonts in left hand panel of window that opens. (⌘-A)

6.     In right hand panel select one font.

7.     Then hold down ⌘ and type the letter A (Select all).

8.     Now click on File menu and choose validate fonts.

9.    While validating click on the name of the window that pops up showing the fonts being validated and switch to Warning and Errors.

10.  Wait until all fonts checked and the remove any font that have been turned off, or are defective. As Apple improves each new OS they get stricter and tougher on Fonts. Yosemite has no tolerance for Duplicate fonts and never has defective fonts. On prior systems it was okay just to turn off. But no more, duplicates must be removed.

This tip particularly aplies to the new Yosemite (OSX.10.10.x) Operating system.