Office 2011, Office 365

Start Page Issues

There is much confusion about this screen, and causes a lot of unnecessary Issues with activation of either 2011 or Office 365. The issues involves the first two choices, and is caused the way the page is written. It is written in the form of a series of steps, it's actually a series of Choices. And is caused by the leaving out this notation:

"How would you like to get started? Choose one of the following Options."

Below is the list of options, with an explanation of the options listed in Parentheses.

  • Enter your purchased Product Key. (This is for Permanent License Version of 2011)
  • Sign in to Existing Office 365 subscription. (Sign in using User Name & Password used to purchase)
  • Try Office 365, Including Office for Mac. (Ths is only step that means exactly what is said).

In Option one:

Many people get tripped up, when they assume (because the way the above written) that you have to insert 25 character License code first in order to get into Office 365 subscription.

Actually It is meant only for a purchased Permanent Licensed Version of Office 2011.

In Option two:

You enter the Username and Password used to purchase your Office 365 subscription.

In Option three:

You are given the option of downloading a trial for 30 days; Office 2011 which can be purchased, or subscribe to Office 365.