Language & Region Issues

Some people are having issues with an error code 0x80000003 that comes up that is caused by a Problem with Language and Region settings on the Mac. See this Link to an MicroSoft Answers thread:

  • Go to  menu.
  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Go to Language and Region.
  • Set Laguage to English (US).
  • Set Region to United States.
  • Now try to sign in.

  • Return to  menu.
  • Go back to System Preferences.
  • Go back to Language & Region.
  • Reset Language to your desired Language
  • Reset Region to the country you are in, or your country of origin.

To Get around this Issue:

If you are able to sign in:

You should not have to Repeat this to activate again.

Should this not help or this error code doesn't show up check the page on Two Factor Authentication on this website.