Proper steps to install office updates without, Sync Services or Microsoft Daemon running.

NOTE (First off before giving the steps): Using activity monitor to shut down sync services and Microsoft Daemon is a waste of time. As soon as you dismiss activity Monitor, they turn themselves back on.

1)     Restart Computer holding down shift key. A Progress bar will appear wait until it disappears. You'll have to supply the computer's password (like when installing software).

2)     When loaded, Safe Mode will temporarily appear, and you'll notice some control panels and extension don't appear, on main Menu Bar. (Safe Mode kills all non-apple process and will not allow them to start or restart as long as, in Safe Mode.)

3)   Now Open Word or Excel or PowerPoint, go to help menu and click look for updates.

4)     As soon as updater restarts, close the Office applications you have open.

5)     Run Updater as many times as needed.

After thoroughly updated:

6)     Run Disk Utilities and repair permissions. (Don't waste time verifying, the files are verified in the act of running repair permissions).

7)     When finished quit Disk Utilities and open Font Book.

8)     Click on one font then click ⌘ - A (to Select All).

a)     Now go to File Menu choose Validate fonts. (If any defective fonts or duplicates are found remove them. Not just turn them off)

b)     Now quit Font Book and try out Word or Excel or PowerPoint. (You should have no issues.)