This page serves a Table of Contents.

Included are pages having to do with issues with Microsoft Office Mac, titled Office 365 Issues, which covers:

1) Two Factor Authentication: which has to do with Authentication sign-in issues Mac Users are having with Mac Office 365.

2) Fontbook Mountain Lion & Above: Which has to do with issues related to crashing office applications, or invisible fonts in Office Applications.

3) Language & Region Issues: With an error code # 0x80000003 showing up, and what to try, to eleminate the issues.

4) Switch to New Operating System, Things to do.

5) A page describing how to De-corrupt a Word Document.

The next section titled Photography shows some of my Amateur Photography.

The last section titled Recipes, is devoted to Quick Recipes, simple recipes that don't take long to cook.

One section called Desserts, and one sectition on Skillet Recipes, and a section on the care of an Iron Skillet.